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Saint-Paul editor - quality and competence

A trustworthy publishing house

Due to its long experience, Saint-Paul editor – a department of Saint-Paul Luxembourg – has become one of the most renowned publishing houses of our country.

The range of our publications is broad. We are publishing books about history, tourism, sports, law, taxation law as well as dictionaries, art books and books for children and young people. Novels represent a very important part of our program, thanks to our fruitful collaboration with Luxembourg’s most renowned authors.

Our aim is to produce books in the most meticulous and quality-orientated way. So it’s not surprising that we have built up a strong reputation in the domain of fine books.

Our motto has always been: Quality books – your pleasure, our priority.

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Direction, administration and inquiries about the programm:

2, rue Christophe Plantin

L-2339 Luxembourg

Adresse postale: L-2988 Luxembourg

Phone : (+352) 49.93.275

Wolf von Leipzig, editorial manager

Jean-Marc Schmidt, proof reader, responsible for manuscript acceptance

Lydie Develter, layout

Ronny Steinmetz, secretary

Book depot and delivery:

2, rue Christophe Plantin

L-2339 Luxembourg

Please email your orders to: